Beth grew up in Eastern Washington and spent the better part of her early years playing gin rummy and enjoying the scenic highways and byways of the Northwest from the top of a camper. At the age of 25, Beth bought her first home and has been hooked on real estate ever since. She has had the pleasure of living in every quadrant of stumptown; buying homes in three of them, and currently calls Southeast Portland her stomping grounds.

Organized and with a keen eye for details, Beth brings together years of experience in small business and nonprofits to the table. As a realtor, she has been able to combine her love of all things “home” with her love of helping others and couldn’t be happier. She takes pride in doing good work and if you ask her, she’ll always say the glass is half full. When she’s not out touring homes or working with clients, Beth enjoys spending time with her 7 and 9-year-old daughters, exploring Portland area neighborhoods, parks and shops and daydreaming about building an A-frame cabin. If she had it her way, every day would start with a giant cup of coffee and a parade.