We love wallpaper! We see lots of examples of sweet old designs when we’re out touring Portland homes, but we also love the fresh papers at JUJU Papers. Avery Thatcher beautifully crafts designs that have a light impact on the environment. We’ve fallen for their names like Sou’wester and Family Reunion. Every roll of JUJU paper is printed by hand, is untrimmed, and in most cases has been made to order. JUJU prints with water based inks on creamy, durable, sustainably harvested paper. Primarily inspired by folk art of all kinds. They are elegant and old-fashioned, and depict scenes in nature or the beauty of an ornate signature. Makes us want to cover every wall in every room!

“Juju papers express sanguine richness, a kind of richness that is defined by good company, conversation, laughter, and love.”