I toured this sweet, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom midcentury modern in Hayhurst yesterday. It was beautiful inside and out, would make a great home for a growing family and is remarkably quiet considering its location on a somewhat busy thoroughfare. I’ve lived in NE Portland for 12 years and consider myself a NE kid through and through, but after driving the Vermont Hills in SW yesterday, I may be changing my tune. When I moved to Portland in 2000, I lived on the Westside. After spending a year in John’s Landing, I craved a neighborhood where I could walk to restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment. Lately, I’m missing trees! I know NE has trees, but I’m feeling population density at my doorsteps these days. I’ve always loved the busy-ness of any city, so it’s kinda troubling to be hankering for the quietude. What’s a city girl to do?