As the demand for homes in the close in neighborhoods of NE and SE Portland increases, buyers are considering areas a little bit further out. Case in point, we’ve been showing homes in Cully of late, which for some may seem far, but is actually pretty close to a lot of great places to eat, parks and more. As someone who has lived in the outskirts of close in, and not in the heart of NE, for a long time, I can relate to the first-time home buyer looking to live where the action is. I bought my house in 2002 when demand was high and bidding wars were as common as they are in 2015. I remember feeling “far” from things at the time because we moved from the Sunnyside neighborhood in SE. Ultimately, now having lived in Roseway for over a decade, I don’t regret having bought where we did. We’re a hop skip to Hollywood and 1 mile from Beaumont Village (read: Pip’s Original). We can get anywhere close in pretty quickly, but also enjoy a quieter neighborhood with a view of Mt. Hood, a hidden trail and our very own movie theater.

So much of Portland has changed over the last ten years that the gap between close and far is getting smaller. Cully is a great place to buy for those who love to ride bikes. It’s a great community and the area boasts larger lot sizes and wider streets than its close in neighbors. We like going to Sunblossom Farm on Saturdays. Their grounds are amazing and this flower CSA is pretty special. 42nd has some pretty sweet restaurants and a meat market for the trying. Old Salt Marketplace is yummy. The Cully Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons is quaint, but still offers up some excellent staples. And if you haven’t tried Pollo Norte for their divine chicken and Frijoles Negros, you best be on your way!